Our Tech We Share

Our Tech We Share

Worldwide Solutions 4Life is harnessing technology developed by DRAFT™, a Northern Michigan respiratory safety company that has developed a new reusable kit that will attach to all types of PPE. Our kit utilizes
biodegradable filters will help to create a better breathing experience, stopping particulates from entering the PPE. This will be a great asset to developing countries, not to mention our own urban workers, who are faced with the challenges of safely breathing in the work environment, or during future pandemics.

Increased heat and humidity are two of the most common complaints associated with PPE. DRAFT™ devices eliminate these concerns by diverting more than 99% of expelled air out of the breathing cavity, which in turn minimizes other common issues such as odors, eyewear fogging, and skin irritation. DRAFT™ devices encourage compliance with PPE regulations in work, public and social settings to protect from respiratory hazards and reduce the spread of infectious aerosols.

Through a licensing agreement, DRAFT™ is allowing Worldwide Solutions 4Life to modify its design to create reusable, easily cleaned, and long-lasting devices suitable for worldwide use in protection against occupational hazards including asbestos, silica dust, smoke and other toxins. While this technology was developed first and foremost to protect workers exposed to airborne irritants and dusts, it also offers timely benefits in reduction of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, as well as other respiratory pathogens.

Worldwide Solutions 4Life prototypes include kits that can be assembled locally or abroad, as well as filtering devices that can be attached to existing face masks currently in circulation ranging from a simple cloth mask to any disposable filtration level such as dust masks to highly effective N95 which achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles.  Besides the overall comfort being increased due to the elimination of heat, humidity, Co2, and smells, the moisture does not build up in the cavity and reduces the degradation of the filter media which is caused by moisture and humidity.

Safety equipment manufactures and OSHA state that respiratory protection for hazards such as construction, dust or pollution, for example, disposable single use masks can be extended use and be worn till the shape and form is no longer filtering efficiently.  Due to moisture being a significant factor with the effectiveness and deterioration of the form and stability of the filter media, our apparatus attached ensures longer use and allows for less waste and increased savings while still providing the safety level that was achievable prior to the advancement of this respiratory technology.

The CDC has even instructed Healthcare Professionals, to conserve disposable N95 masks during a national shortage and regulate medical professionals to follow CDC reuse policy and bag and don their supplied N95 for 3 to 12-hour shifts spaced over three weeks.  The CDC has confidence in the use of respirators in very high workplace exposures to enforce these guidelines to hospital management to ensure the protocol if they see fit.  The safety industry is aware that humidity and moisture is a cause for deactivating the electrostatic mechanism or charge is a critical feature that boosts the filtration efficiency from 30% to over 95% with the ability to attract and intercept foreign particles.  The humidity and moisture also degrades the very filter media shape and longevity.  Our technology could be vital in places of critical need during infectious periods, not just to allow the medical professionals comfort but also allow the use of the respirator to maintain the electrostatic mechanism or charge have a longer life span by keeping its form and shape viable longer if necessary.

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