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WorldWide Solutions 4Life’s mission is to innovate cost-effective, comfortable respiratory protection that can be brought to the global market for use in protection against occupational respiratory hazards, environmental dust and pollution, and viral infections.

We aim to tackle the three biggest factors that stand in the way of proper respiratory equipment usage:
1) physical discomfort associated with wearing Personal Protective Equipment,
2) cost, and
3) lack of education.

We aim to minimize our environmental impact and bring to market a reusable form of New Technology known as DRAFT ™, a comfortable and affordable respiratory equipment that can be cleaned and reused to protect members of our global community again and again from viruses like SARS, CoV-2, environmental dust and pollution, and hazards of industrial work.



Warm, humid air is the single greatest complaint associated with wearing various PPE for long periods of time. It is also the cause of many other related complaints, such as difficulty breathing, buil...

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Lack of awareness about respiratory hazards is one of the greatest barriers to compliance with safety equipment regulations and recommendations. By working closely with our partner...

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The best respiratory protection available on the mass market comes at a hefty price tag that makes it especially inaccessible to those living and working in densely populated, manu...

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Together, we can accomplish great things. WorldWide Solutions 4Life has the technology to improve PPE performance and comfort, but we cannot bring our production and distribution to scale on our own. Our technology is available for strategic partnerships with foundations, nonprofits and philanthropists who are willing to join our cause and work together to bring innovative respiratory equipment to the masses. We are seeking partners for funding, production and distribution of our devices with a particular focus on citizens of nations in poverty.

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Read and share our blog posts to spread public awareness about respiratory safety and the solutions we have to offer. Check back for updates, user testimonials and information about our partnerships as our research and impact evolves.

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