Our Journey

The Challenge

Despite calls from government and the medical community for innovation of respiratory protection that encourages compliance and provides source control, the development of affordable and practical face masks and respirators has not advanced for decades. Mainstream safety manufacturers have failed to innovate respiratory equipment that offers both comfort and protection while also being inexpensive.
Development has stagnated because, for mainstream manufacturers, fundamentally fixing the discomfort caused by respiratory protective equipment and providing cost efficient products would mean a significant loss of profit margins. On the other hand, DRAFT™ believes that profits should not come before the health of mankind. We have rise to the challenge and innovated face mask and respirator technology that can provide supreme comfort with long-term wear at a lower price point.

Support for Innovation

The U.S. government has long called for action and supported top members of the scientific community in development of new methods of protection, especially for health care professionals.

1. Calls for Industry Action

2.To increase safety of health care workers and the general public

3.COVID-19 Pandemic

4. Widespread mask use is adopted to protect against the novel coronavirus. Despite mask mandates and social pressure, many people continue to struggle with discomfort and physiological effects that negatively impact compliance.In December 2020, BARDA DRIVe and the NIOSH announce the Mask Innovation Challenge to reduce barriers and challenges of today’s mask designs. Solicitations were open to the general public and professionals and due in January 2021.

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6.Project B.R.E.A.T.H.E.

7.The National Center for Occupational Health and Infection seeks partnerships through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement endeavor called Project Better Respiratory Equipment using Advanced Technologies for Healthcare (B.R.E.A.T.H.E.). The goal of the initiative is to develop a new respirator for health care workers.

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9.Calls for Improvement

10.The Institute of Medicine conducts an investigation and finds that there is no practical way to clean disposable medical masks and N95 respirators for safe reused during an influenza pandemic. The IOM goes on to articulate 28 recommendations for better respiratory personal protective equipment.

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  2. SARS Epidemic
  3. During the SARS epidemic, the CDC again recommends the use of face masks or respirators as a protective measure. The virus spreads quickly amongst health care workers, prompting some outcry about discomfort, noncompliance and a possible increase in death due to this noncompliance.
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6.With the resurgence of tuberculosis, the CDC recommends the use of respirators, including N95s and other disposable particulate respirators, for use in protection against the disease.

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  2. 2020
  3. 2009
  4. 2006
  5. 2003
  6. 1990s

The Big Question

How did DRAFT™ create and maintain ownership of its world- and life-changing intellectual property?

The Answer

We developed it ourselves — after experiencing personal discomfort using a respirator while working in construction, our chief engineer innovated a solution that can be produced and sold at an affordable rate. Low costs mean low profits, so the leaders in the mass safety market aren’t interested. We believe safety shouldn’t come at a high price.

Our Solutions

DRAFT™ technology diverts expelled air to reduce heat, humidity and moisture on the face and in the breathing cavity. Our method can apply to every form of face mask and respirator, solving obstacles caused by all types of respiratory PPE to lead to increased comfort and compliance.

Our products are appropriate for use in all workplace, public and social settings. Key industries that we are focused on include health care, manufacturing, construction and more.

Our Future Product Lines

  • Disposable cup particulate masks
  • NIOSH N95Disposable respirators
  • Elastomeric half-face respirators
  • Full-face respirators
  • A reusable mask kit licensed to and adapted by WorldWide Solutions 4Life, a Michigan-based nonprofit that seeks to provide respiratory PPE for citizens of developing nations across the globe.
  • A variety of additional products that impact any method of respiratory protection.

Our Products vs. Our Competitors’

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Our Next Steps

DRAFT™ is ready to take the leap and begin scaling our testing and production to prepare for market launch. We are seeking partnerships and grant funding from government organizations, private foundations, development banks, regional organizations and private investors who share our concern for public health and global safety. Contact Us to learn how you can get involved and take part in the next generation of respiratory protection.